Math SuperStars is an exciting extracurricular program designed to enhance your child’s math experience. A Complete voluntary program at CRE, providing a great opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge of and appreciation for mathematics.

Letter sent home students with program details click here



Each Tuesday, a new grade-level worksheet will be posted here on the Cactus Ranch PTA website. If your child chooses to participate, the grade-level appropriate worksheet can be printed out at home and completed. Upon completion, your child should return the worksheet to his/her teacher for grading. Please submit completed worksheets by the following Tuesday. Each week’s worksheet will remain on the website for a period of two (2) weeks, but once removed, will not be accessible again. Students wishing to complete all worksheets should plan on doing so throughout the year, as there will be no making up earlier worksheets later in the year.


Please encourage your student to complete as many grade-level worksheets as possible. We’d LOVE to have them at the end-of-year party!



* Students may complete additional worksheets, but stars will only be earned for their grade-level work. For example, a 1st grader may complete the 1st grade and 2nd-grade worksheets, but stars will only be awarded for the 1st-grade worksheets.

** Make sure the student writes their name legibly on the worksheet before submitting.  If possible, print front and back to avoid turning in multiple pages. If turning in multiple pages, then make sure the name is written on all pages and staple the pages together before submitting.

***Worksheets will only be available to download for only 2 weeks from date of posting.


Click on the following link to download your grade level worksheet

DUE 3/21/23

Thank you for allowing your child the opportunity to participate in this exciting math adventure!

Please contact Math SuperStars Coordinator, Phung Luong at math.superstars@crepta.org with any questions.